SALT LAKE CITY (ABC4) — Happy Friday, Utah! We have been treated to some gorgeous weather the last few days and today won’t be any exception, but there will be some subtle changes.

Southerly winds are cranking up as we become sandwiched between our high pressure slowly moving east and a low pressure to our west. Those southerly winds will result in daytime highs running about 10-20 degrees above average in most locations. Outside of the high country, we’ll mainly see highs in the 70s and 80s! That’s what we typically see in mid to late May! Skies will be mostly sunny to partly cloudy and a stray shower can’t be ruled out in the mountains and in the northwestern corner of our area.

In Salt Lake City, there’s a chance we see our first 80-degree temperature of the year. That would be well ahead of schedule, but not quite the earliest we’ve seen it. On the other hand, though, 81 degrees is our record today and we could challenge that! 

Saturday won’t bring too many changes from what we get today, it will just be a fraction cooler as the high pressure begins to weaken and move out of the way. Daytime highs will run about 2-5 degrees cooler than what we get today under mostly sunny skies with gusty winds.

By Sunday, the low pressure to our west will begin to move in our direction. We’ll see increasing clouds as temperatures ease down a little more, but we likely get through the day dry. By Sunday we’ll see highs mainly in the 50s and 70s with only some down south seeing low 70s. That system moves in on Monday and will bring isolated to scattered showers across the state as temperatures drop to near or even a little below seasonal norms.

We could stay unsettled through the first half of next week with a trailing system set to arrive from the northwest. Over recent models run this system coming in between Tuesday and Wednesday unimpressive, however, we’ll still likely stay somewhat unsettled and cool before we begin to really warm things back up by next weekend. Stay tuned!

The bottom line? A strong southerly wind will push up our temperatures to May like levels before we ease back down the next several days.

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