PROVO, Utah (ABC4) — Two suspects allegedly involved in a police chase fled the scene unharmed after their vehicle flipped several times, crashed into a house and landed on top of two other cars in Provo. Witnesses caught the entire incident on video.

The Provo Police Department said the incident took place just minutes after midnight Sunday morning after they attempted to stop a vehicle for “driver license and moving violations.” They say the driver fled eastbound on 500 N and officers lost sight of the vehicle.

When they located the vehicle, it had crashed into a home near 130 E 500 N and landed on top of two cars.

Lexi Nelson, a Provo resident, said she was in the basement getting ready for bed when she heard a crash and her roommates yelling upstairs.

“It really was the loudest crash I had ever heard in my life,” Nelson said. “I looked out the window and I saw the female running into our backyard to go jump our fence or running into the neighbor’s yard somewhere back there.”

According to witnesses and video footage, the involved vehicle flipped in the air before landing on the cars and crashing into the stairs and porch railing of Nelson’s home. Witnesses report seeing both the male and female occupants climbing out the window and running away, with one witness catching the alleged escape on video.

Two suspects allegedly involved in a police chase fled the scene unharmed after their vehicle flipped several times and landed on top of two cars in Provo. (Courtesy of Alyse Frogley)

When police arrived, they said they found the car empty.

“The car was completely smashed,” Nelson said. “It’s honestly really incredible that anyone made it out alive of that car, and to see them just hop out of the window and run away was crazy.”

Once the occupants had left, she and her roommates walked outside to scope out the damage. She said the suspects’ vehicle and her neighbor’s car were totaled. Her roommate’s car, while technically drivable, was also towed to a mechanic.

They found glass shards, shoes, clothes and a car seat “sprawled out around [their] house and on the road,” she said.

Nelson said it was lucky no one else was hurt in the crash, as the car could have hit further into their home or hurt someone walking on their usually busy street.

As of Monday afternoon, police said they are still searching for the suspects but are not in need of public assistance at this time. They say the suspects could face several charges including fleeing or eluding officers, criminal mischief, reckless driving, leaving the scene of a crash and driving on a denied license.