We all have a friend or family member that found an incredible deal on a house, the question is, how did they do it?

Follow Jay Deher every Sunday afternoon at 4:30.  We will look into the latest trends and styles of Utah’s Real Estate on season 5 of Real Estate Essentials.

This week we are looking at different real estate and real estate related products in St George, Moab, Park City and the Wasatch Front.

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Helpful insight to negotiating concessions:

An exciting announcement from Real Estate Essentials:

Take a peek inside a unique hot property for sale right now:

Sign up for the annual Real Estate Bus Tour:

How to get started once you’ve made the decision to buy or sell a home:

Get a peek inside one of the most unique properties available in the Salt Lake Valley:

How’s the 2024 Real Estate Market Doing So Far?

See how Real Estate Essentials can help you with your real estate goals:

Something to think about if you’re looking to buy or sell a home now:

Should I wait for interest rates to go down before buying?

What’s happening with interest rates in the new year?:

What to expect with the real estate market in early 2024:

Introducing Arrow Ridge Homes:

Home Seller’s Secret Weapon – See how marketing can help you sell your home:

Staging tips for selling your home during the holidays:

See how Real Estate Pros work with organizations in the community to give back:

The benefits of watching Real Estate Essentials in a competitive market:

What’s happening with interest rates?:

An important tip for real estate buyers:

Understanding Real Estate Financing and Credit Scores:

What I need to know about Real Estate Investing:

Discover a “secret weapon” to help you sell your home in today’s market:

What are some advantages in buying a home today?

How watching Real Estate Essentials can help you sell or buy a home!

What does a “buyers market” mean to a buyer?

Interested in a career in real estate?

Here are some good tips for helping you to sell your property:

What’s the current status of the local real estate market?

A great real estate tip for potential buyers:

Utah Realtors pledge support to relief efforts in Lahaina – see how you can help:

Discover what an interest rate buy down means for you:

Is waiting for a change in the market a good idea or is now the time to buy and sell a home?

Tips for staging your home – how to help your home stand out:

See what’s available now in the local housing market.

What’s the status of interest rates and the impact on the housing market?

Is summertime a good time to buy or sell?

How hot is the real estate market in Salt Lake County this July?

Discover the real estate opportunities in Tooele Valley.

What’s the current situation with interest rates and real estate inventory?

Check out this exciting commercial property investment opportunity in Grantsville, Utah

Navigating through high interest loans.

Explore your options for living in one of Utah’s golf communities.

What are the benefits of working with an experienced realtor and lender?

See what’s currently available in the luxury real estate market?

Why investing in real estate is a great idea right now.

See how marketing your home really matters.

Looking for a new home, but need a temporary place to stay? Short-term rentals may be the thing for you. Watch this video.

Hear why investing in real estate could be the cruicial foundation of personal wealth.

See how Top Equity Realty helps HomeForeHeroes.com

Tips for preparing your home for real estate’s busy season.

Is Springtime a good time to buy or sell real estate?

What’s the current state of the investment property landscape?

Is now a good time to invest in real estate?

See why now is a great time to buy or sell a luxury home.

Is your house worth more than $1 Million? Learn more about the Top Equity Realty Luxury Line.

Is a “lease option purchase” an option for you? Watch these two videos to learn more.

Watch this video below to learn more about “real estate syndication”.

Watch this video to discover why it’s important to use a real estate professional.

Check out this video to learn how interest rates and inflation impact real estate.


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