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SUMMIT Foot + Ankle doctors bring decades of podiatric experience and feel compassion for your pain. Ultimately, we want to enable our patients to take on any adventure they desire throughout their lives by helping them overcome any pain, discomfort, or injury that may be (below the knee). All of our services include thorough diagnosis, tailored and individualized treatment plans, and preventative care to help avoid recurrences. Our team can relieve and oftentimes eliminate your dreadful foot and ankle symptoms through a multitude of modernized treatments. Schedule an appointment with one of our specialists and empower your pain-free journey.


Wisdom teeth removal is our claim to fame and it’s all we do! Dr. Heath Hendrickson has been removing wisdom teeth for teens and adults since 2007.  Our dentist and his team see both teens and adults of any age, making each appointment simple, efficient, and effective.  We cater to our community, providing bilingual services for our patients, in both Spanish and English. We also offer a Free Benefits Check, with price estimates for our insured patients. We have offices in Provo, Layton, or Midvale, Utah!


At Prime IV Hydration & Wellness, we promise you a one-hour vacation from life so that you can relax, hydrate, and feel your absolute best after receiving a replenishing IV service while sitting on one of our full-body luxury massage chairs. Whether your goal is to recover from chronic fatigue, the cold/flu, improve athletic performance, or just improve your overall health and wellness, we are here for you! We take the time to sit down with you and complete a full health consultation prior to your first infusion. Our goal is to pamper you and take such great care of you while you are in our spa. Let us help you feel, look, and perform your best!! First-time customers receive 50% off any drip with promo code “abc4.” Book at one of our 16 locations by clicking the button below. Feeling better just got easier!


Inspire Health Clinics focus on reversing aging, healing, and optimizing health and wellness. Be inspired and take control of your life. Life doesn’t stop and neither should you.