BestReviews and Nexstar

BestReviews was acquired by this site’s parent company, Nexstar Media Group Inc.,in December 2020. Since then, BestReviews has worked with Nexstar to bring product recommendations to all the stations in the Nexstar network of sites. You can also find BestReviews’ in-depth reviews on their website and on multiple other sites, including the Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News.

At BestReviews, the goal is to simplify purchasing decisions. Whether you’re looking for a brand-new air fryer or a set of socket wrenches, they make it a priority to provide everything you need to make an informed purchase — and feel good about it.

The story

Back in 2014, the founders needed to buy a cordless drill. What seemed like a simple purchase at the time evolved into a revealing experience that shed light on the challenges many consumers face when they shop.

It was hard to find the exact information they needed to decide on the right drill, which only made the shopping experience more tedious. They knew there had to be an easier way, not only to shop and choose a product, but also to simplify buying decisions by providing access to unbiased, trustworthy information.

Later that year, the founders cooked up the earliest iteration of BestReviews in the Harvard Innovation Lab: a product review site that began with none other than a cordless drill review. Since then, BestReviews has grown and reviewed a whopping 100,000 products across 30 categories serving over 30.2 million consumers to date — and counting.

Which products are reviewed?

BestReviews covers over 30 categories of products with electronics, kitchen, home and sports and fitness among the most popular. They test just about anything at BestReviews, whether it’s a bestseller, new release or updated version of a favorite product. Because so many of the products covered are consumer-facing, they subject them to real-world testing to simulate what the average person experiences when they use them.

To maintain their reputation for honest content through unbiased reviews, BestReviews purchases each product tested. The reviews they choose to write are only on products that have undergone rigorous testing and meet or exceed high standards for products worthy of your consideration.

The testing process

BestReviews has tested everything from work boots to VR headsets. They take pride in their hands-on testing process, which takes place in real-world settings like home kitchens and local parks. They’re average people testing everyday products who want to see whether those products live up to the claims of simplifying your life. Basically, if there’s a pet vacuum that promises to wrangle hair and dander without getting clogged, they’re testing it with all the golden retrievers they know.

BestReviews digs deep and examines each product, down to the last detail, to discover its true value. They combine findings with hours upon hours of research, expert advice and consumer feedback to present a comprehensive overview of each product. The goal is to answer all your questions — and address all your concerns — so you have peace of mind every time you make a purchase.